zanonarchitettiassociati selected projects

selected projects


'H-Campus is an international education district which will involve students, teachers and professionals: a multitude of people coming towards this evolving place and shaping a new community, giving new life to a forgotten countryside. The main value of this site is the dominant landscape, where the main intent is to establish an architecture complimentary to the nature and the land history'

widiba headquarters / 2017

'The interior spaces of B and D buildings of via Messina in Milan, dated back from the 90s, have been revisited and refurbished: starting from a traditional business area with floating floors, suspended ceilings and plasterboards, the renovation project led to the creation of a new, charming, modern and innovative office space'

office complex / 2016

'The glazed surfaces let the sight open to the horizon, marked by a densely overgrown fluvial vegetation; on the contrary the outer surface is fully closed if not for certain portions of the drilled walls, punctured in a way that recalls the tradition of rural barns and allow to glimpse the surrounding vegetation'


'A one story long volume glazed on three sides that allows guests to enjoy the surrounding nature. Inside a U counter and an open kitchen are the direct contact between customer and restaurateur. The small tables are decorated with vintage chairs and design pieces randomly distributed'


'The office space changes, it is no longer based on the concept of fixed and individual workstation but becomes dynamic, characterized by differentiated locations and various meeting spaces in terms of size of group and purpose. Architecture must be a flexible container for new working ways and contemporary technologies.'


'The settlement of an innovative office space in an abandoned industrial complex gives the opportunity to attract investments for startups and for the definition of a business district. The goal of the venture is to find a service company designed to host co-working spaces with special layouts and ad hoc facilities to promote business processes and projects, products and services development, to take shape as the best practice within the local environment as well as in the global market with benefits concerning several business fields'


'The lofts are shaped with a spacious and bright living room, a fully equipped kitchen with island on the ground floor and two double bedrooms with bathroom upstairs. Through Cassina sofas, Vitra objects and Artemide lamps it’s possible to appreciate the mix of modern and vintage design'

H-FARM / 2013

'Surrounded by the countryside, close to Sile river, this set of buildings is the result of a long restoration, rebuilding and new construction process that brought to the birth of a new structured and organized executive complex that reflects the character of the evolving company H-Farm, international Venture Incubator'

country house / 2013

'A country house gets new life by the renovation of the interiors and the expansion of the living space designed in the extension made by glass and corten steel. The new volume talks with the natural landscape through the wide windows'


'A 1600 m² loft set up inside an old mechanical workshop is the venue for a clothing showroom located just outside of Treviso. The old working space has been revisited and designed in every single detail to valorize the collections, displayed in a wide space divided by metal structures and vintage furniture'