location: Roncade, TV
area: 5000 mq
status: completed
timeline: 2004 - 2013
partners: Toso Riccio Engineering
photography: Marco Zanta

To the state of its origin, the entire complex of buildings appeared in an obvious state of degradation and constituted from partially incoherent volumes. Besides from the main building, recognizable for its architecture and dimensions, two metallic structures emerged on the south side in adhesion to the porch, a small building on the west side, a grain bin, a stable and an additional structure on the north side.

The planning purposes were to bring back the main building to its original state, to renovate some of the other buildings in the original position, to build new volumes disconnected from the main building, always maintaining the hierarchy of the complex where the original building hosts the higher functions. The project previewed two different approaches: the renovation of the existing and planning of new volumes.