Widiba Headquarters

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A complex of four ten-story towers connected by a suspended path is the location where the new headquarters for Widiba bank are set. The interior spaces of B and D buildings of via Messina in Milan, dated back from the 90s, have been revisited and refurbished: starting from a traditional business area with floating floors, suspended ceilings and plasterboards, the renovation project led to the creation of a new, charming, modern and innovative office space.

location: Milano
status: completed
timeline: 2015-2017 
area: 5.500 m²
program: offices
client: Beni Stabili SIIQ Spa - Widiba MPS
photos: Mariano Zanon


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widiba headquarters-disegni-01.png

Work spaces, from meeting rooms to open-space offices and collective areas, have been redefined through the removal of suspended ceilings and the installation of exposed electrical and air systems, the construction of glass walls for closed offices, the laying of new floors and a new set up with design furniture. The project included the creation of a new entrance at the level of the water pool, with the consequent installation of a new stair connecting -1 floor to the hall area at the ground floor, with the aim to create continuity between the two levels hosting acceptance and catering functions, with a direct connection with the outdoor square, with the stallage set over the water pool.

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