Vineria Restaurant


location: Jesolo VE
status: completed
timeline: 2007 
program: restaurant
client: Vineria Spa
photos: Giuseppe Dall’Arche

The Vineria in Jesolo clearly highlights the sophistication of details, the precise planning choices and construction details which create a very fascinating and refined bar. The unusual and difficult corner shape of the building, which could have been a limitation, has been used to highlight its hidden potential. The stairs and counter become a whole, like a metal box where it is difficult to distinguish the two elements: the stairs are the counter structure and vice versa the counter is an extension of the stairwell.

The angle of the artificial light which is built into a slit, that also acts as a handrail, underlines the unity between walls and floor, surfaces and closed spaces. Steel has a leading role among the various materials used: the counter structure is made from oxidised iron sheets, stabilised by a special oil treatment, as the steel components used for the storage units. The large display wall is made from tubular metal and tops are made in pickled, etched steel with a final fixing treatment. The special lighting also enhances the colors and texture of the steel, especially in the clear contrast with the wood plank flooring (iroko stain).