Via Boerio Complex


The area of intervention is located in the southeast area of Mestre in San Marco neighborhood: the project, located in a urban void between the residential complexes of Samonà and Piccinato project, offers the opportunity to reconfigure the area from an urban and environmental point of view through the demolition of existing buildings and the rethinking of the plani-volumetric structure.

location: Mestre VE
status: ongoing
area: 23.600 m²
program: shopping center, housing
client: Genuine srl
renders: zanonarchitettiassociati



The functional mix involves the construction of two autonomous sectors, a commercial and a residential building, with the recovery of a green abandoned area which will be returned to the community connected to its surroundings. An adequate road system (driveways, cycle paths and pedestrian walkways) and appropriate urban planning standards (parking lots and green and sports areas) will be appropriately designed to facilitate the reconnection of the area with the road network and the existing public and environmental system.