San Francesco Residential Complex


location: Treviso
status: completed
timeline: 2015-2011
area: 2.100 m²
program: housing
client: Pagi srl
partners: Toso Riccio Engineering
photos: Mariano Zanon 

The purpose of San Francesco Residential Complex project is to give a new image to a building volume located in a historic center, creating seven apartments (with two duplex) and one loft. From the outside, a new composition of perspective in relation to the square in order to bring more light to living areas and allow a view towards the church of St. Francesco. The coating is made of stone blasted (medea type) that contrasts with the dark color of the frames. 

The lower volume of the structure, which was originally a gym, opens up as a unique area of remarkable surface which is to be turned into a home. The access is from one of the terraces on the first floor of the main building: this open space gets light not only perimetrically but also through zenithal light coming from a wide linear skylight which opens up on all the curved covering. 

The internal distribution is characterized by the presence of a series of geometries detached from the perimetral box. Such volumes contain spaces requiring more privacy, keeping the living area completely open. Thanks also to the construction of a suspended platform in the central part of the living area, it is possible to perceive the entire outline which characterizes the whole appearance of the place.