Palazzo Victoria Hotel


Palazzo victoria is located in the centre of Verona, a few steps away from the Arena and Corso di Porta Borsari, in the stretch that connects Victoria Brigde to the historical centre.

location: Verona
status: concept
timeline: 2017 
area: 13.600 m²
program: hotel, restaurant, convention center
client: private
renders: zanonarchitettiassociati



The architecture developes showing its complex stratigraphy: in the basement there are Roman archeological remains, in the upper floors the frescoes decorate many rooms’ walls, the internal courtyards offer open spaces in which to stop, and the great hall shows itself as an example of contemporaneity and combination between ancient and new.


The ground floor, which includes the main reception, parking and catering services, develops organically and connects the three groups of stairs that are coherent with the three wings of the hotel. The upper floors, which host the visitors' rooms, are reachable with three distinct staircases and are characterized by spaces that constantly change, bringing the visitor to enjoy every new visual scene.


The aim of the architectural project is to emphasize the building’s peculiarities in respect of the existing and refine the overall style of the interior in order to return a coherent image from an aesthetic and technological point of view. The entire Palace, designed as a place full of history in which a multitude of objects of great archaeological, artistic and cultural value are preserved, will host contemporary furnishings capable of integrating and at the same time enhancing the existing unique pieces.