Padova Congress Center


The landscape and the city with its complexity of interactions gained from natural history and settlements: an image of persistence and disturbance. From its survey and direct observation, in a plot that has the strength and density of a city as Padua, the elements that are significant for the origins of the territory itself are identified; elements of knowledge and evaluation are used to define the phases of the transformation project and at the same time to preserve the design identity. 

location: Padova
status: concept
timeline: 2012
area: 6.500 m²
program: congress center
client: Fiera di Padova Immobiliare Spa, Padova Fiere Spa, Comune di Padova
partners: Setten Genesio Spa, RS Ingegneria, Energytech Gmbh

in collaboration with Gonçalo Byrne Arquitectos



Interpreting the urban system not as a limit between a board and a margin, but as perspectives that tend visually to join the spaces and relationships. From the synthesis of the signs and actions of the territory a detailed analysis followed up, a discussion with the potential to become the future theming space compared to the exact size: spatial intuitions are arising from the transposition of the signs in an area irregularly shaped and constrained.