Osteria Le Cementine


location: Roncade TV
status: completed
area: indoor 336 m² - outdoor 200 m²
timeline: 2013-2016
photos: Marco Zanta


Osteria Le Cementine takes its name from its flooring, made of reused cement tiles rested at random to form a continuous carpet between inside and outside. In harmony with the river environment the architecture stands with a definite but gentle shape: a one story long volume glazed on three sides that allows guests to enjoy the surrounding nature. Inside a U counter and an open kitchen are the direct contact between customer and restaurateur. The small tables are decorated with vintage chairs and design pieces randomly distributed. In the evening hours the table lamps Tetatet by Davide Groppi give to the room a soft glow, punctual on the tables, leaving the rest of the environment in half-light and emphasizing the relationship with the external environment.