La Fraternità Social Cooperative


location: Ozzano dell’Emilia BO
status: ongoing
area: 13.500 m²
program: offices, production
client: La Fraternità Onlus
images: zanonarchitettiassociati

The project’s area is set in Ozzano dell’Emilia, just a few kilometers away from Bologna, and it developed between two districts, Noce and Mercatale. La Fraternità cooperative society has its headquarters in this last area, a 2011 shed where all the activities are carried out: it’s mainly a place for working re-integration of people living in fragility situations, as well as a laboratory for activities in collaboration with schools and the University.

The building is surrounded by the hills of Bologna with a very evocative view of agricultural fields. The landscape element results as the area’s strength. Two kilometers south from Mercatale, in Noce area, “Nuvoletta Bianca” daycare center is located, offering educational and rehabilitation services for adults with disabilities. The two areas are connected by a driveway and an existing cycle-path, which however ends a few hundred meters away from Noce. The project started from some key themes, respect for the earth, its resources and respect for people.

The inclusion of nature and eco-sustainability are the basis of what has been developed; in addition to the technological aspects and use of sustainable materials, these concepts can be found in the development of removable and reusable modules, materials and enhancement of the natural element . The places involved are accessible everywhere: open-spaces, positive and stimulating places, in connection with each other allowing the flow of different functions and routes.