Conegliano Center


The building is located a short distance from the city centre, in relation to the meeting places of the community. Built in 2008, the volume is free from other buildings and is characterized by diversified façades, while maintaining a unified and recognizable shape within the urban scheme. The redevelopment proposes the design of a center for the community of Conegliano, place for commerce and tourism.

location: Conegliano TV
status: concept
timeline: 2016
program: cultural and shopping center
renders: zanonarchitettiassociati



The covered plaza wants to become a new reference space for public events and for regular management of the activities. The project, despite the functions change, maintains a role of constructed container. In the basement there's a parking for commercial activities and accommodation of the higher levels. On the ground floor, first and second floors the spread commercial activities characterize the space and become a theatrical background for the closed and filtered courtyard, which contains the new ramps and walkways system. This distribution path runs on the entire inner surface in a continuous manner and becomes the connecting element between the commercial activities. Lifts allow a faster connection and the elimination of architectural barriers for disabled people.


The Apartment Hotel in the attic is reachable by an internal balcony accessible from the elevators in order to make the spaces the most reserved and quiet. Apartments are all facing the city center. The restoration project is intended formally and technologically indistinguishable from the building, as a dress, with no unnecessary loss of material. The need for upgrading becomes an opportunity to present to the community a new idea of usable and climatically controlled collective space.