Chiesa della Pace Complex


location: Padova
status: completed
area: 4000 m²
timeline: 2015-2016
partners: Setten Genesio spa - Zumtobel
photos: Marco Zanta


The project area is an excerpt of the Urban Redevelopment Plan for the district “north of Chiesa della Pace and the Courthouse”. The building consists of two volumes: one on the west side, with public access to the commercial activity on the ground floor and offices on the first floor, and one containing the business and ancillary spaces.

The flooring of the square outside the main entrance consists of porphyry cubes and “green islands” as decorative elements: Corten steel tanks with fourth-sized tree, low vegetation and a luminaire.

chiesa della-pace-complex-01.jpg
chiesa della-pace-complex-02.jpg
chiesa della-pace-complex-07.jpg
chiesa della-pace-complex-08.jpg
chiesa della-pace-complex-09.jpg