Centrale Restaurant


location: Venezia
status: completed
timeline: 2004
program: restaurant
client: privato
photos: Giuseppe Dall’Arche

In the heart of Sestiere San Marco, the project shows how it is possible to transform old shapes and damaged materials, appearance of an ancient city, into a pleasant emotional concert. These are the materials that represent the soul of technical an functional Venice: the wood and the steel of the structures, the walls in visible brick which allows the age of the world to show through following the inlay in the cracks and the glass in the windows that allows glimpses of life on the outside, on the canals, illuminating the service counters and providing views on the city marked by the same splendid untidiness.

Stacked in their brutal, raw and emotional energy, they are mutually juxtaposed and positioned in elegant abstract arrangements. In this way, every functional area of the interiors, linked by a single common feature of the gloss-finished cement flooring, compose the ingredients of the project, each one in a different manner, depending on the specific material. A large central space is marked by a base in visible brick where the figurative load is balanced by the light in the glass bar counter at the opposite end. This functional block, halfway between a furnishing item and the luminous piece of architecture, is joined by the clothes stand, again in glass, which filter the first area that has been separated informally from the main reception area.