Cattolica Headquarters


location: Verona
status: ongoing 
area: 60.000 m²
program: offices, restaurant
client: Cattolica Assicurazioni Società Cooperativa
images: zanonarchitettiassociati

In collaboration with Progetto CMR

The renovation project for ex-Autogerma, a Wolkswagen venue until 1993, aims to shape the existing structure to make it a office incubator and a backup for Cattolica headquarters.

The building stands as a container for multiple functions, as a wide office space for co-working and start-ups, a meeting area with both traditional and open space offices, conference halls and academy learning rooms, food and beverage areas and a wide space for events. The activities are located around green patios obtained from some of the existing skylights, which can guarantee required ventilation and illumination.