Casale sul Sile Complex


location: Casale sul Sile TV
status: 1st phase completed
timeline: 2014-2018 
area: 21.000 m²
program: housing, shopping center
client: Setten Genesio Spa
photos: Marco Zanta 

The project area is affected by a high level of decay due to the inactivity of the agricultural consortium which had its interprovincial headquarters here for many years. The urban and architectural redevelopment of the area is realized through the demolition of existing buildings and the redefinition of the masterplan which includes new residential and commercial buildings, public spaces such as squares, parks and parkings. The need of an intervention which gives this piece of land back to the city is emphasized by the fact that nowadays the plot is occupied by an industrial building that has no physical or aesthetic connection with the historical city center.The plot is part of a urban and morphological ensemble involving the path along Sile river, the road of Via Vittorio Veneto, the church, the town hall, as well as the area next to the tower Carrarese. The project composition is first of all driven by the analysis of open spaces: streets, squares, courtyards and gardens in the historical city context. The new traffic system was redesigned to create a car free area which defined a new central point in the area facing the river: this choice is justified by the analysis of the walking routes which identified the south-north and west-east axis as the main connections between the city center to the river. The new vehicular, pedestrian and bicycles system considered flows according to the poles of interest inside and outside the plot and defines the base of new buildings. The masterplan defines two areas: a residential sector on the north side characterized by public spaces, walking and cycling paths through the park, and a southern commercially-oriented sectorincluding the vehicular access to the complex.