Bios Line Headquarters


Bios Line is a company in continuous growth, born with the aim of exploring the plant world and transform it into natural products for health and well-being. Its headquarters is located in the industrial area of Ponte San Nicolò, near Padova, in an area just closed to the residential area.

location: Ponte San Nicolò PD
status: ongoing
area: 6.900 m²
program: office, production 
client: Biosline Spa
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The current building is surrounded by crops and green areas and has a strong vegetative presence. The choice of materials and technologies in harmony with the environment has guided the construction of the building that still stands out within the industrial area.


Respect for the existing nature and the implementation of the vegetation inside are elements that strongly characterize the company philosophy. The company's development requires an expansion of the headquarters to support the functional aspects useful for its development. The automated warehouse for the storage of products is not just a new volume that adjoins adjacent to the existing building, but wants to become the symbol of continuous growth dictated by research and innovation that the company experiences every day. Every intervention on the existing and future construction has an innate environmental vocation that must guide the architectural and technological project.Innovation and environment must be able to dialogue and manifest itself as the essence of the company to anyone who wants to know it.