Assaggi Restaurant


location: Mogliano Veneto TV
status: completed
timeline: 2008 
program: restaurant
client: private
photos: Giuseppe Dall’Arche


The top floor of an old house that used to be an office has been converted into a restaurant with a central open kitchen. Terracotta, wood, whitewash, iron and all the different materials are expertly matched and handled with stellar colors, in different variations of white. A very clever restoration re-interpreting the original Veneto style construction with the different treatment to the surfaces. White dominates, painted over the surfaces to create a neutral refined air, a fixed scene where the customers become the actors to change the plot.

A meeting place for a gourmet experience while watching the food being expertly prepared. The kitchen counter is placed in the center of the restaurant and is also used as bar and cooking area, becoming an eye catcher and a showcase at the same time. The structure has been built from large prisms of oxidized iron sheets then covered with a coat of white paint, contrasting with the natural steel boxes of the suction and lighting systems.