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Save the date

On February 16th 2017 a press conference will take place in Milan and Roncade to present the financial details of the agreement between Cattolica, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and H-FARM, operation that will give a start to the realization of H-CAMPUS: the project will become the most important European center dedicated to innovation and will host the expansion of the Education project.

h 10.30 - Palazzo Parigi - Corso Porta Nuova, 1 Milano

h 16.00 - H-FARM - Cà Tron, Roncade (TV)

zaa goes to Biennale

With the opening of the 2016 Venice Architecture Biennale, Art Tribune reveals the names of 20 architectural firms that will take part to Padiglione Italia TAKING CARE – Designing for the Common Good.

The curatorial team TAMassociati is developing the theme of architecture as a social art and an instrument in the service of the community, ensuring its access to the common goods.

zanonarchitettiassociati will take part with the project H-Farm / H-Campus, Back to the countryside.

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