zanonarchitettiassociati is an architectural practice based in Treviso, Italy.

Founded by architect Mariano Zanon and grown with partners Alessio Bolgan and Bruno Ferretti our practice has built its design process on research and experimentation, applied both on design and technical matters: function needs are fulfilled through materials and light composition, achieving at the same time high quality formal details.

Our approach

Our work engages in all design fields, from architecture to urban planning, from interior staging to product design, always developed with a sensitive approach to architectural restoration and recovery of existing heritage.

Every project starts with a survey on the environment, in order to know its limits and qualities, improve its condition and give shape to reasoned results that will resist the test of time.

Latest projects

BigRock — 2018

Trieste Apartment — 2018

Palazzo Vendramin Costa — 2017

T House — in progress

Villa Gris — in progress



'Simplicity and expressive restraint, sober choices of the (few) materials utilized, measure in the details and "state of the art" implementation are the distinctive traits of the works of architecture for H-FARM; works based on the conviction that in this territory «one designs in a place, rather than designing a place».'

'Concrete architecture for a digital community' — M. Mulazzani